Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crazy about marzipan.

See that Christmas tree over there -- the one with the bubba-licious-looking squares around it?

That's what happens when Lizzie gets bored.

It was created Christmas morning in a whirlwind of creativity inspired by the fact that everyone else in my family was reading or playing with their new gifts -- and not giving me attention.

I grabbed a can of marzipan, care of my wonderful bro-in-law, dropped in a bit of food coloring and molded the marzipan into a lazy-man's Christmas tree scene. The nonpareils on the tree and the coconut on the tart, that's care of my dear Mom -- only a former elementary school teacher could come up with such brilliance.

I should probably mention that my marzipan creation is sitting atop an impromptu gluten-free and dairy-free Christmas Chocolate Tart that I made Christmas morning because the gluten-free desserts that my aunt ordered weren't apparently going to make it on time. So, I simply molded a frozen pastry crust that I had made weeks prior into the tart pan, baked it for about fifteen minutes at 350 degrees and poured some Love and Bake Schmear Chocolate Filling (which can be found here into it. The texture was a bit-off, as the smear probably should have been thinned out bit prior to being used as filling, but that didn't stop me from taking a bite out of the tart before it was served -- which is what happens when I am left alone.

Coming soon: Sweet Potato Casserole and a Chinese Food New Year's Feast (all gluten-free, of course)

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grumpster said...

Sugar consumption in America is off the hook. It's very hard to cut back because of how incredibly high our base level of consumption is. Making an effort to reduce the intake is laudable. Good luck. You've inspired me.