Wednesday, June 4, 2008


In an attempt to get my appetite back I'm going to write about cake. Glorious, sweet, moist, gluten-free cake. None of which was made by me, but all of which was delicious.

My awesome family threw the A-man and I an engagement party over Memorial Day weekend. It was a beautiful, wonderful day filled with really tasty gluten-free food and time with dear friends and family. On the menu were marinated steak kebobs, chicken kebobs and lamb kebobs, pasta salad (Mom, I need that recipe, seriously it's the best pasta salad EVER), Greek-style green beans, an amazing quinoa salad my sister made (Kate, please post the recipe to share this deliciousness with the world!), and so many other foods that I just can't remember at this moment, but that I enjoyed immensley. My family worked so hard to put this together and I can't thank them enough. My dear Dad, who was sick with the illness that I am getting over right now even managed to do manual labor the day of the event and be the charming host to guests while maintaining a 101 temperature. Dear family -- I love you and you are amazing. The fiance is a lucky guy to be gaining in-laws like you.

On to the cake! My mom ordered two cakes from a specialty gluten-free cake-maker in the Boston area called, Celia Cakes. We have ordered her cakes once before for Thanksgiving and really enjoyed them, so I was psyched to hear we were getting them for the engagement party. In the above photo, they are the first and last cakes in the photo. Seriously, they rival any gluten-filled cake that I have eaten. Judging solely on their aesthetics, they could sit in the cake case of any high-end bakery. You can really tell that Vita (the baker and owner) must be a perfectionist with the percision of the frosting application. And the taste? Sugary, but not too sweet, just the right texture and absolutely hit the spot. I couldn't get enough of this cake. In fact, we will certainly be contacting Celia Cakes for our wedding cake. Bravo to Vita! Thank goodness for businesses like yours.

Now on to the cake above, which is from the bakery called The World's Best Carrot Cake. And it's name is right on. Seriously folks, this stuff is dangerous. You will be talking about it for days. You will be craving it minutes after you finish a slice. You, if you have zero self-control like me... will even have a slice for breakfast. I might even compare it's addictive qualities to crack. Okay, maybe I'm a bit obsessed. Or, maybe I think it's okay to talk about carrot cake like this because, well, it has carrots in it. It has to have some nutrition! Either way, this cake rocks. The store is located in Asheville, North Carolina and they can send their cakes to anywhere in the U.S. The A-man and I found them when I did a search for "gluten-free Asheville, NC" when we were visiting there recently on vacation. We visited the store, spoke to a super-friendly and helpful person at the counter and bought a gluten-free carrot cake -- just for the two of us. When we decided to have a little party to celebrate our engagement I knew I had to order one of those cakes, but this time we went with chocolate. Did you hear that? Chocolate, gluten-free carrot cake! Oh. My. God. I really can't compare the two: normal carrot cake versus chocolate because they're both just amazing.

I could go on, but I think you all get the idea. *World's Best Carrot Cake = gluten-free crack.

And that's me and the A-man digging in. Notice the grin on my face -- that's the grin of a Good Eatah.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

*I didn't inquire to see if they made dairy-free, gluten-free carrot cake, but since I have been able to handle small amounts of dairy recently I enjoyed it with all of it's cream-cheese goodness.


Ricki said...

What a beautiful party! And glad to hear that you're feeling better (though sorry about your dad!). The cakes sound amazing--all of them! :)

The Good Eatah said...

Thanks, Ricki! It was such a lovely day too -- the perfect weather!