Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zucchini Fries Make You Feel Better

I'm feeling pretty drained. In the past twenty-four hours I have: found out that the A-man will be deployed to the Middle East next week, played one ninety-minute outdoor soccer game, one fifty-minute indoor soccer game, went on a run in the woods with Henry and got lost (making our run one hour longer than it was supposed to be while losing my keys, then finding my keys in the woods) and I hosted and produced a live, half-hour show at work. Luckily, today is not terribly busy so I have a chance to re-charge, but also a chance to soak in the fact that the rest of my summer is going to be completely different than I thought it was going to be.

There are a lot of emotions that come about when you learn your love is going to a war zone again. Emotions that my dear family and friends accept when they listen (and I mean really listen -- without them I wouldn't be able to deal) to the brunt of my frustrations. There's anger that he's leaving again. There's worry of his safety. There's frustration at the military -- he was just there -- for seven months! There's pain, hurt, disappointment and loneliness. We just got engaged! Then there's the realization these emotions don't depict our relationship or our love for one another -- a realization that has kept me going for the past six years. In all of those years, we have actually lived together for a little over two months. The rest have been spent with a minimum of five hundred miles between us. There must be something wrong with me I often think. That, or I just really love this man.

But, a girl's got to eat and there's no better way to distract yourself from your emotions than to mix up some food. And a day like yesterday needed something substantial. Something that's going to put a smile on my face and remind me of the simpler things in life, like fries, well fries and ketchup. But not your typical potato fries; I needed some green, so zucchini fries it is.

Zucchini Fries (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan)

serves 2 as a side dish

2 zucchini, cut into "fries"
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
just under 1/2 cup gluten-free breadcrumbs (I pulsed Kinnikinick Brown Bread in a food processor)
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning (I use Salt-Free)

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Season breadcrumbs with Italian herbs and place on a large plate. Pour olive oil on a cookie sheet and coat zucchini "fries" in olive oil. Coat each piece of zucchini with breadcrumb mixture and place back on cookie sheet. Once they are all coated put in oven and bake for fifteen minutes. Serve with ketchup if you'd like.


Ricki said...

Wow, talk about emotional roller-coaster! Sorry to hear A-Man is going to have to leave again. Hope this trip is easier and SHORT. Six years is a long time, and you'll outlast these missions by far!

The Good Eatah said...

Thanks for the kind words Ricki :) It will be shorter than last time, but this trip is completely unexpected, which is the most difficult part.

Kate said...

Fuckin A.

And you didn't tell me you got lost in the woods! I hope you brought your cell phone :).

Vittoria said...

My heart goes out to you. My best friend was just re-deployed as well. You seem to love him so much, and he loves you back. It will all work out in the end.

Emilia said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel at this time, especially since it came as a surprise. I wish all the best for you and I do hope sincerely that A-Man will stay safe.

Those zucchini fries look really good! I sometimes fry long strands of zucchini as a spaghetti replacement and it works well with a pasta sauce.

Kate said...

On a slightly related note... Everyday Italian on the Food Network today had an awesome-looking zucchini salad. It was shaved zucchini, asparagus cut small on the diagonal, lemon vinaigrette and shaved romano. It looked perfect.

Gluti Girl said...

I'm sorry he has to leave again. I will keep him and you in my prayers. My best friend's daughter did 3 tours of duty over there and might possible go for the fourth. Her son is now in basic training with the Marines as well and who knows when and if he will go. So I have seen the agony she goes through. I know you will be worried and rightfully so. Hopefully the time will pass quickly and he will be back before you know it!

The Good Eatah said...

Kate -- totally f'in a. I was so lucky to find those keys. And thanks for the fyi on the zucchini salad: yum.

Emilia -- thanks for your kind words :) Surprise deployments really suck.

GG, thank you so much for your comment. Even though there is no draft, it seems everyone is affected by this war, whether through a loved one or acquaintance.