Friday, August 8, 2008

Photo Phriday: Cast of Characters

I have spent the past week house and pet sitting at my parents. It's similar to living on a farm, once the animals wake you at 5:45AM, you must tend to them: feed them, walk them, love them. Here, I introduce to you the cast of characters that I have joyfully spent my week with:

You all know Henry, but did you know that he can tear apart a stuffed animal in less than twenty seconds? Notice the monkey leg in the bottom left hand corner -- the poor thing never had a chance.

Elsa -- a tank of a dog who is quite possibly the most affectionate pup I've ever met. Her nickname, because of her constantly licking tongue is Miss Lickey.

Annie. She looks sweet, doesn't she? She's only sweet when she wants food. Otherwise, she's a terror.

Buddy: one ear, loud purr and constantly by your side. Technically, Buddy is an outdoor cat because my parents felt that Annie would give him a hard time, however, I felt that four animals in one house wasn't enough and let him inside. He's my favorite.

And Darby. He looks like a Maine Coon Cat and is just beautiful. He pretty much sticks to himself, probably because Annie terrorizes him.


Gluten free Kay said...

I love all your animal photos! I have to stop by often, just to see what Henry's been up to.

Kate said...

Aww, Buddy! I miss the ole' BB.

glutenfreeforgood said...

I love Henry! He's always my favorite. Go, Henry, go. Save the world from stuffed monkeys. Aaah, and Elsa does look sweet. Like the dog version of your favorite matronly aunt. Love the photos!
Take care,

Emilia said...

Hah :) Henry looks like he had fun there.

The Good Eatah said...

Thanks, GF Kay!

Ah yes, Kate. Ole BB. He's gotten even more affectionate if you can believe it.

You are so right about Elsa Melissa! She's a ham.

Haha! He totally did Emilia.