Friday, November 7, 2008

Photo Phriday: Drool Inducing

I didn't want to write anything before you got through with the photos because I didn't want to take away from the beauty that is Ricki's recipes. I've been testing out recipes for her cookbook entitled Sweet Freedom (coming out in February! yay!) for just under a couple of months now. And I could really get used to this: recipe tester/documentarian/dog runner. That might just be my ideal lifestyle.

All of her recipes are well thought out and use the healthiest of ingredients with lots of tips and tricks to make her baked goods the healthiest they can be. There really ought to be more cookbooks like this in the market; I think she's starting the trend.

From top to bottom: fruit and nut rice squares, almond cookies, chocolate mint cookies and macaroons. All vegan. Many gluten-free options. And all gosh-darn delicious -- even more reason I would need to be a dog runner/recipe tester: to keep off the pounds because I couldn't stop eating them.


Ricki said...

Aw, thanks for the wonderful endorsement! Your photos are great. Sounds like the perfect lifestyle to me, too (if only I was a runner--but love the photos of those dogs!).

(Oh, and about the cookbook, we may need to make a teeny adjustment to the date--it may be closer to March the way it looks at present. The best (baked) plans. . . . )!

Vittoria said...

Those recipes sound great. I'm wondering how many could be adapted to grain-free? I'll swap you some Ice Dream recipes for a few of those ;)

glutenfreeforgood said...

Oh my gosh, you lucky girl. A reason to bake cookies! And test cookies! Yay is right — I love the thought of a healthy cookbook. I'll buy it. Tell me where and when it's available.
P.S. Great photos! And my love to Henry!

Emilia said...

Those look really good, especially the chocolate mint cookies caught my attention :)

It's nice that books like this come out, with delicious suitable recipes for people with allergies.