Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Phriday: Get Me Out of Here!

That's a photo of my niece at my wedding shower. She was trying to get the attention of some outside cats at my parents house (this moment was accompanied by some high-pitched screaming) so I got on the other side of the door to get her reaction on film (er, digitally).

And on that note, gluten-free vendor reviews from the wedding shower will be coming soon!


Ricki said...

That is a fantastic photo. She's gorgeous, even screaming!

Gina said...

I love the foot. It's like she needed another limb for communication purposes - two arms aren't enough to get a point across!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love this photo. The "pose" and face are priceless.

Jack said...

I think the 100 meter hurdles are in her future.

Anonymous said...

such a cute photo.

and you've been tagged (feel free to participate or not - not mandatory).


Liz said...

And even her scream sounds beautiful to me Ricki!

The foot totally makes it Gina -- I love it!

Thanks mango! She's such a ham.

Absolutely Jack -- good call.

Thanks Karen! I loved your answers. I'll get to the meme soon. :)