Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo Phriday: Missing Boston

I'm almost settled in my new city in the mid-west and almost back to regular blogging. It's a big change from my beloved Boston, but so far, so good. During my last week up in Beantown I went out to eat with Sally and Jenny at Burton's Grill near Fenway Park. It was great -- they have an extensive gluten-free menu and the manager came out to speak with us. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Redbridge at the time (which was suspicious because we saw a guy walking past us with a case of the stuff) so I had a potato blueberry vodka from Maine (I think this is the vodka - Cold River vodka) mixed with Sprite. It was delicious, and I usually don't say that about alcoholic drinks (the vodka was made with fresh blueberries). However, Sally had it mixed with tonic and it tasted like 'tussin, so I don't recommend that.

Food wise I had a great avocado salad with spiced shrimp on top. Sally had a burger with a gluten free bun and Jenny had a delicious looking chicken dish. But most important, I had great gluten-free company: miss you girls!


Jen said...

Miss you!! Glad you're settling in out there, good luck with school!!

sallybranwyn said...

I love Chicago! Have a blast and as Jen said, good luck with your classes!

Anonymous said...

As a former Illinoisan (and having lived in the Chicago area for about 17 years), some differences from Boston (some of which you may already have discovered):

1. It's the L and not the T,

2. They are shopping carts and not carriages,

3. Boston may actually be windier, but that wind chill in Chicagoland, hoo baby... I recommend a lovely down coat that makes you look like the michelin tire guy.

A couple of really nifty places to check out:

1. The Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe (it's literally across the street from Lake County).

2. The Morton Arboretum out in Du Page County, and,

3. If you'd like an interesting day trip, Starved Rock State Park 90 miles or so west of Chicago.

Good luck in graduate school.

Liz said...

Thanks guys! Miss you :)

Anon -- that was an awesomely helpful comment!! I'm about 2 1/2 hours south of Chicago, but I hope to get up there soon and will definately check out your recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Hello again:

I think that means that you're at the big U in central IL, which is where I grew up. For some reason I thought I had read that you were in the grad school in the Chicago area. The wind chill advice still applies.

If it's still open, you should check out Allerton Park owned by the U out in Monticello. I hope you've found Strawberry Fields if you are where I think you are - it's in Urbana. It's not huge, but it does have some gluten free & it's a co-op. They made me a terrific chocolate chocolate chip flourless cake a couple of years in row when I was home visiting the folks. I wish I could tell you more about the area, but I've been away a long time and have forgotten stuff. I believe that Walnut Street Tea Company is still open in downtown Champaign, and it was good for lots of interesting teas, obviously. It may have had herbs and spices as well, but I don't really remember.

Springfield is drivable in about an hour and a half, and you can visit the Lincoln home, and west of there New Salem State Park if you're into Lincoln history.

A much longer drive is the Carbondale area in Southern Illnois. There's some lovely scenery including some state parks, such as Devil's Kitchen, as well as the Shawnee National Forest.

But, then, being in graduate school, I don't know how much time you'll have to explore.

Again, may graduate school go well.