Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm On Twitter!

I had more time when I had a full-time job; it's funny how I thought going back to school would give me more time. So, I've resorted to the instant-message-like format of Twitter to keep me informed and in touch recently.

This blog is still happening and will pick up a bit more (a good friend of mine would like to go gluten-free, so I'll be posting on my best tips on doing so) soon. And! NPR did a story recently on bacon in desserts and I'm really itching to try a chocolate bark and bacon recipe, so I'll be posting on that soon as well.

In the meantime, will you be my friend on Twitter? I'm new and friendless.... please!?

And you may be wondering what the heck the photo up top has to do with this post... and it doesn't. That's my niece snacking on an apple she stole at a local Orchard recently: the kid is a good fruit and vegetable eater which is AWESOME.


Jen said...

I just followed you lol, I never use it anymore but maybe will start. I'm hoping to get my blogging going again as well. Came off meds today, probably going gf for real this time. Don't want to go back on the meds. Missing ya! Hope all is well. Let me know what your holiday schedule is going to be like, if you'll be in MA we need to get together. You need to meet Allie finally! Think you'll be going to Germany? Hope all is well with the A-Man

Liz said...

Yay! Thanks Jen! I'm glad to hear you're going off meds; I really hope it works for you. I miss you too! I'll be home for at least three weeks so we must all get together. I really want to meet Allie.

I do think the Germany thing is happening (cross your fingers for me)!

gilbertlemon said...

Gather roses while you may........................................