Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sherry Lynn's Gluten Free

Before I get into the deliciousness of the doughnut above, I have a few short stories to tell...

I've only lived in the Capital Region of New York for about a year and a half, but Sherry Lynn's Gluten Free has been a part of some major life events. First, when my husband and I were looking at houses here (mind you, this is after seven years, three deployments, and thousands of miles apart, we were finally living in the same place for good) I mentioned to our real estate agent that I couldn't eat gluten, so she brought us to Sherry Lynn's for lunch. It was the first meal I ate here and immediately after I remember telling my husband, "I hope we find a place close to Sherry Lynn's." 

We did.  We live about four miles away in a house that's so perfect for us it's almost creepy.

Fast forward about eleven months after we moved to upstate New York and I'm in labor with my son. After ten hours of contractions and pushing we meet our little (er well, big: he was 9.1 lbs, which probably had something to do with the Sherry Lynn's cravings I had during pregnancy) guy. It was the most amazing, tiring, rewarding experience of my life and how do we celebrate? I ask my parents to pick up some Sherry Lynn's to bring to the hospital for lunch.  A patty melt filled my stomach as I watched my son sleep in the bassinet beside me.
It's one thing to be gluten intolerant and eat at a gluten-free restaurant because it's safe. It's another to make that restaurant a part of your life, a way to celebrate big life events, and a place you want to take your family.

I heard recently that Sherry Lynns was having a breakfast and lunch buffet. I haven't been to a buffet where I could eat all the food in probably seven years. This was very exciting.    

We went for breakfast and I had something I've never had before: breakfast pizza. And in a word, it was ridiculous. Ridiculous in the best way possible. Chewy, soft bread with egg, cheese, veggies and meat cooked on top. My husband informed me this breakfast pizza is nothing new (his college had it in their dining hall) but in my head, this mixture of pizza and breakfast blew my mind.

(The buffet also had a tasty quiche-like dish, eggs, bacon, waffles, hash browns, and doughnuts. Fresh-from-the-fryer glazed doughnuts. I couldn't handle it. I ate two - they were mini doughnuts -  and had to restrain myself)

Oh Sherry Lynn's. You've outdone yourself.

To use the terms that I hear my sister use with her four-year-old-niece about food that's delicious but not good for you in large quantities, Sherry Lynn's is a sometimes food. A "special occasion" food. A place with food that I can't wait to share with my little Wild Man (when he starts eating food, of course).  

I can't write a post about the place without mentioning the people. Sherry Lynn's is family run. They work hard and they treat you right. And they're super kid friendly.  They're doing the gluten-free community a great service here so I urge you, if you are even traveling within an hour of Albany, NY - make a trek here.


Marlow said...

I want to go there!

Liz said...

It's glorious Marlow! If you ever come this way I am taking you there! :)

Kelly said...

This post reminded me so much of me! I was diagnosed with Celiac 4 years ago after the birth of my son. In December I delivered my daughter and every meal I had in the hospital was from Sherry Lynn's. It is my son's favorite restaurant and he doesn't need to eat gluten free. It has become such a party of my life and I am so grateful to live so close!

Liz said...

Oh wow Kelly! That is a lot of similarities. I wonder how many new moms request Sherry Lynn's. I had my son in December too; the 7th. When was your daughter born? Congrats!

KateClancy said...

If I ever get around to having another kid, I'm requesting Sherry Lynn's regardless of how close I live! The Boston Creme doughnuts bring a tear to my eye...