Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Phriday: Sleepy Henry

Henry's really great in the car; when we travel short distances he tends to curl up next to me in the passenger seat with his head resting on my hand, falling asleep peacefully. Well, he had his first significant road trip (5+ hours) after Christmas. The A-man and I drove up to Maine to visit his family for a few days and we had to get a barrier to keep Henry from coming to the front seat and distracting us. He didn't mind being in the back too much, except for this one time when he was so lonely back there that he rested his head on the barrier and fell asleep standing up.

Oh yeah, and there was that other time during the trip when he just stared at us for twenty minutes straight:


Anonymous said...

I must kiss the top of that muzzle!

Marlow said...

I'm 100% sure that Max and Henry are long lost brothers from the same adorable, needy, just too cute you must squinch up their face lineage. Max used to be great in cars but lately if you go above 50 mph he begins to tremble!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Cute! Where can I get a barrier like that? It would be so helpful as our boxer likes to try and get up in front with us and he is just too big!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Just subbing to comments, as I forgot!

Anonymous said...

Aaah, he's so cute! What a great doggie barrier. You'll have to come and visit me as I posted a photo of my doggie too! Finally!

I loved your "man food" post. Very cute and also very understandable. Hey, the guy doesn't want tofu and kale, he wants serious stuff. :-) And he deserves it. Good for you two.


Melanie said...

I just love Henry :)

Liz said...

Haha Ricki! I can't resist it.

Max sounds too cute Marlow!

TCH! Thanks for stopping by. My mom picked up ours, but I found one online by searching "dog barrier." Ours is made by Outward Hound.

Melissa! Yes! While Henry is cute, your dog is stunning. What a beauty!

GG! Me too... most of the time ;)

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog header. How adorable. We have a 2 year old border collie who tends to show up in 90% of our photos because she is so darn cute.