Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Man Food

The A-man is home!

Well, home as in stateside; it's not like we actually live together -- that would be too easy. Nooo, he lives about 700 miles away, so once he got to the U.S. and decompressed a bit, he flew up to see me and we spent a glorious 72+ hours together. Ahhh, how lucky I feel! Really, I do. According to his math; he has been deployed for 44 out of the past 52 weeks so he needed some darn leave time, and he got it. But alas, he's off to train for over a month down south and so the distance continues.

We started off one meal with this delicious gluten-free hard cider -- J.K. Scrumpy's. We found it at Whole Foods and it wasn't too sweet, which I find to be the case with most hard ciders. Then came the food -- I eat differently around him; the word "hardy" comes to mind when I think of the food we eat. I often try to get him to eat kale and spinach and use agave instead of splenda, but when a man comes home from war -- you just want him to eat what he likes. So no off the cuff experimental foods. Steak and potatoes (and I even snuck an onion in there) were on the menu.

It's funny how well we work in the kitchen together. I chop, he mixes. I braise, he roasts. All while not bumping into each other (and Henry who is always at our feet waiting for something to fall) in my small kitchen. I think it says something about our future: may our married life be as easy as our time together in the kitchen.

We made a horseradish-crusted roast beef with roasted red onions and a baked potato. Both recipes are care of Tyler Florence


Ricki said...

I think a couple who cooks together, stays together! Glad you had a chance to visit w/ each other again!

PS I sent you a couple of emails. . . did you receive them?

Lauren said...

It's always nice to see loved ones. I can't imagine being away from family for that long, so I'm glad you got to see him!

Jenny said...

I want to eat this. The food and the drink. Looks so good! And again, so glad you got to spend some quality time with A-Man!

Emilia said...

That dinner looks great, and the cider too.

I am going to try the onion recipe, thanks for posting it!

Tiffany said...

It is so nice when you can work well in the kitchen with the one you love :) It makes meals a lot more fun, and totally a labor of love :)

The food looks great :)

Gluten free Kay said...

Oh, man! That dinner looks fabulous! Glad you got some time with the A-man!