Friday, September 5, 2008

Photo Phriday & A Recommendation

This is who I spent my Labor Day weekend with:

That's my niece and I am completely smitten. She's just over five months old and is a complete love. My sister even let me wear her in her Ergo baby carrier throughout the weekend. My sister, bro-in-law and niece used to live minutes away, but now they're living in the midwest, so it makes my time visiting them even more precious.

And that's the gluten-free, dairy-free pizza that we ate one day. It was AWESOME! I highly recommend Ener G pizza crust. And FYI, hormel pepperoni is gluten-free.


Ricki said...

What a total sweetie! There's nothing like those baby eyes :) . And your pizza looks scrumptious, too.

grumpster said...

Best baby photo I've ever seen. Though I suppose I could be a tad biased.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm pizza. Such a great dish because it's so easy to modify it around dietary exclusions.

Emilia said...

Your niece is a cutie :)

That pizza crust looks good and also the pepperoni. I looked at the ener-g pizza crust and it seems to be better than the ones I can buy here, they are just filled with corn starch, trans-fat and other not so lovely things :/

Gluten free Kay said...

Your niece is adorable, but that pizza won my heart! Good to know about Hormel pepperoni. I've been using bacon on my pizzas since going gf. I gave up reading labels on all sausage-like products months ago. It was too depressing. Glad you kept reading!