Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gluten-Free Handmade Dog (and cat) Treats

How cool is this? Sugar Selections Gluten Free Dog Treats.

My sister passed this Etsy seller along to me with the heading "Henry's getting a wedding present!" so I have a feeling the little guy will be taste-testing these for you all soon. Here's what the baker has to say about her liver and flax seed biscuits:

Made with the folowing human grade ingredients:chicken livers and ground flax seed meal. Completely free of wheat, other grains containing gluten, corn, and dairy. Each biscuit is approximately 1.5" wide and each batch is made to order. Biscuits are very lightly baked and then popped into the dehydrator for 12 hours. The result is a fantastic treat for your dog with the taste (and stink!) of liver and all the health benefits of flax seed.

I'm sure you have all heard about the poisoned wheat gluten in dog food a few years back; that surely got people on the anti-gluten bandwagon, but there's another reason to stay away from it in my opinion: dogs aren't meant to eat wheat -- much like many humans. Sure, a lot of people do, and a lot of dogs do -- and they're just fine. But when you think about it, no dog would take down a stalk of wheat and nibble on it. It's just not edible in that form and they, of course, do not have the means to turn it into an appetizing cake or cookie (though that would be a funny sight -- cathcing Henry in the kitchen whipping up a pie).

I'm certainly not knocking people for feeding their dogs commercial dog food. I feed Henry the commercial stuff (though his is gluten-free) and in this economny when you have to decide between feeding your children healthily and feeding your dog healthily -- choose your kids. I'm simply saying that the less fillers (including gluten) that you feed your dog, the better.

And instead of leaving you with a photo of Henry enjoying these treats, I'll post one of the Etsy seller's adorable pooch enjoying one of her treats:


glutenfreeforgood said...

Liz -- as you might imagine, I LOVE this post. Wow, those dog goodies look good enough for people. And I couldn't agree with you more, no gluten and crummy fillers for dogs. You're so right, they chase bunnies not wheat stalks.

I also love the photo of tired Henry. He definitely looks exhausted and not his usual zippy self.

Hang in there!

Ricki said...

I'm sure my Girls would scarf those down in no time!

Liz said...

I thought you would Melissa! And Henry sure does chase bunnies -- he goes crazy over them! I'm sure your handsome pooch would love these. And zippy is the perfect word to describe him, well maybe zippy with a little bit of crazy.

I think they would Ricki, but I bet they'd be a lot more lady like about it than Henry. He almost tap dances when he wants a treat badly!

MariaTeresa.Faith said...


I would love to feed my two dogs a gluten-free dog food. Can you share with us what you feed Henry? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

tooo cute!

Melanie Sutherlin said...

That's perfect for my crew. I always try to find gf treats and buy holistic food. We have a puppy in the family now too. Five dogs in one house means we need a lot of treats!

Anonymous said...

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