Friday, May 22, 2009

Photo Phriday: The End of a Chapter

Big news in the life of Liz: not only am I getting married in two weeks, but I am leaving my job, moving to Virginia, and then moving to Illinois to begin a Master's program. Phew.

That's a lot of change. 

It's incredibly bittersweet for me. I love my job and I love the community that I live and work in, but in order to live like a married couple, I had to move. My co-workers and members from the tv station I work for threw a party for me yesterday. I was overwhelmed with the support I received from everyone and never will I forget this place and these people. 

My folks even attended and brought a giant, delicious cake from Celia Cakes -- it was absolutely amazing and no one could tell it was gluten-free.  

And in honor of SNL's Weekend Update, I threw my pen at the tv camera during my very last show today. I'm going to miss this place.


Vittoria said...

That's so exciting! Best of luck with everything!

jill elise said...

Oh wow! Good luck!
...and OMG, how fast is 2 weeks going to fly by?? I can't believe that's all the time we have left. Is everything done?

(they still have internet in Virginia and Illinois, right?)

Melanie "Gluti Girl" said...

Very exciting! A new life! Hope Henry does well with the transition and wish you a wonderful wedding!

Ricki said...

Huge changes, but I bet very exciting ones, too! Congrats on the big move. I know you'll be great wherever you go! And wow--TWO WEEKS!! Yay!

Alisa said...

Congratulations on all fronts! How exciting!

Liz said...

Thank you Vittoria!

Crazy, huh Jill?? Yes, ma'm! In fact, since I won't be working this summer it means more time spend on the blog! Yay!

Thank you Melanie! I hope he does well too. He'll have a large backyard in Virginia, so I bet he'll like that!

Very huge changes Ricki! But it's nice to know the blogging community is still there for me :)

Thank you Alisa! It's it so exciting (and slightly scary to go back to school)

glutenfreeforgood said...

Man, does that cake look good. I have to admit (even though I'm a nutritionist and have very high food standards), I have a thing for cake with sugary frosting. Even crummy cake like tacky birthday cakes with that spun sugar stuff. I don't eat it, but mainly because it's always full of gluten (thank God). This looks wonderful, beautiful, and semi-okay to eat. Wish I could have been at your party to wish you well (and have cake).

Seriously, I want to wish you all the best on your new path in life! Chicago? My daughter lives in Chicago, she'll turn you on to all the best GF places to eat, shop for food, and have cocktails.


Best, lovely, wonderful wishes to you! And pat Henry on the head for me.