Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo Friday: Henry's Aged

During my 6 month blogging hiatus, I swear Henry has aged years. He looks so... mature here.


Marlow said...

Max too! For an eight year old he's turning in to quite a distinguished gentleman!

Ricki said...

I can certainly relate! Elsie's muzzle is completely gray now (sniff boo hoo!). It's a constant reminder that she's getting older! But her spirit is still in puppyhood. . . thank goodness. And Henry *does* look very mature! :)

PS Welcome back!

Liz said...

Aw, Max! I had no idea he was 8! Such a cutie, he is.

And Elsie! (Hi Ricki!!) I have a feeling Henry's spirits will always be in puppyhood :)