Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black Bean and Cilantro Lime Rice

I love, love, love Chipotle. They're my go-to when I need a quick, healthy, gluten-free meal. The salad is awesome (I could drink the dressing with a straw) and the tacos are good (though not super filling); the burrito bowl is my "usual" - with rice, beans, chicken, salsa and guacamole - it always hits the spot.

But sometimes it's good to branch out, and by branch out I mean make it yourself and dare I say, make it more delicious? The "secret sauce" to this meal is the chorizo (from here): fatty, spicy pork which gets balanced out by the mild cilantro rice and creamy, chunky avocado.

If I were on that show "The Taste," I think my spoonful for the judges would be the chorizo, rice, avocado triple-threat. But I digress.
Here's what our burrito bowl consisted of: black bean and cilantro lime rice, pan fried chorizo and a topping of fresh tomato and avocado with another squeeze of lime. It was simple and despite being the dead of winter, it was a nice fresh meal that made me think of warmer days.

Since the latter two layers are pretty self explanatory, I'll share with you how I made the black bean and cilantro lime rice.

Gluten-free, Dairy-free Black Bean and Cilantro Lime Rice

1 cup cooked long grain rice
2 cups water
1 lime
2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
salt to taste
1 large bunch cilantro, finely chopped
1 1/2 cups cooked black beans (can or dried, soaked and cooked - your choice)

Cook the rice according to package directions (I cooked mine in a rice cooker). Meanwhile, add one tablespoon of olive oil to a small saucepan over medium low heat, add the beans and cook until thoroughly heated through. In a large bowl add the rice, the cooked beans, the juice of one lime, one tablespoon of olive oil, the cilantro, and the salt. Toss gently with a spoon. 

Serve with the chorizo, tomato and avocado or eat on its own. Mixing rice and beans makes a complete protein and therefore a pretty filling dish in itself. 

*Can you spot the one-year-old in the photo above?


Betsy said...

Yum! I am going to try this tomorrow - need to soak some black beans first. My family watched the taste and loved it. I think this would be a hit o there.

Liz said...

Very cool Betsy! I need to do more soaking of beans; that whole BPA in the lining of cans thing scares me :/

Thanks for the comment!

Betsy said...

I am trying to get into the habit of soaking beans at least three times a week. We eat so many of them and it is more cost effective not to mention BPA free. Other than my husband (who is forced to pick beans out of whatever I fix), we all love them and they are so good for you.

Forgot to add before that Chipotle is our gf go-to place when we are hungry and pressed for time. I have tried to replicate their food before, but it was a flop. I am sure this recipe will go over way better. :)

Liz said...

Good idea! You literally just motivated me to put some of my dried black beans in a pot of water. Your husband is missing out ;) Even my one-year-old seems to like beans (we'll see if is stays that way)

Marlow said...

I need to learn more about soaking beans. I've never even tried!

ALSO YUM! I have to try this!!!

Liz said...

Marlow, it requires lots of soaking and draining, but it produces a really nice bean (with no BPAs) though you certainly do have to plan ahead. I'll post about it sometime!