Friday, October 31, 2008

Photo Phriday: Happy Halloween!

For a few years now my dear sister has sent me bizarre Halloween cards in the mail, well actually she's only done it once before this one, but I loved the card so much it remained on my refrigerator for over three years. The stranger, the kitchier -- the better. Her latest one is of my dear little niece...
And the one that started it all: a beautiful rendition of her cat Cormac wishing me a Happy Halloween:
This makes me miss my sister even more than I normally do, so I had to create a Henry one... it's a rush-job, nowhere near as cool as my sister's, but it will have to do. He's a commando for Halloween in honor of the A-man (please note the hat hanging from his neck; he wanted nothing to do with it).


Kate said...

I love it! Happy Halloween Henaree!!

Ricki said...

What a great idea. And who needs a hat on Henry--why hide that handsome face??

Emilia said...

Those cards are really funny; especially the one with your niece :D

Henry looks alert and cute!

Liz said...

Henaree thanks Thankayou Kate!

Good point Ricki. I think he knows handsome so he chooses not to wear the hat.

Thanks emilia :) I got a real kick out of them.