Friday, October 17, 2008

Photo Phriday: The Travel Bug

When I got back from Taiwan in August, I got this feeling -- the same feeling I had when I was studying abroad in Australia during college: the urge to travel. Soon after settling back home, I booked a flight to Seattle and I'm happy I did. There's nothing like exploring new places, meeting new people, and of course -- eating new food to awaken the soul and put things into perspective.

When I travel I'm present, experiencing things in the moment, but it makes me appreciate what I do have back home: a loving family, a great set of friends and a job I love.

This photo was taken in Taiwan, it's of me talking about a "bubble fish" or "blow fish" on camera for a documentary I'm currently working on about our experience. And this post is food related, I ate the same type of fish for lunch just a few hours before that was shot. It was quite good and delicate, and is supposedly is good for the skin.


Jenny said...

Love the pic! I wish I could do some more traveling. I plan on booking a vacation the day my credit cards are paid off. I really need to go somewhere exciting! No pink-eye so far, thankfully, keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the shopping tips. I do try to buy in season produce so that's good, when I have more expendable finances I definitely plan on spending most of it on food. It's the most important!

Ricki said...

Great photo. And travelling is great--wish I did more of it!

Emilia said...

Traveling is so much fun, but I only like traveling in colder climates; there's something about heat that makes me stressed, although I wouldn't mind eating in places like Thailand etc..

I would currently love to travel to the Shetland islands; it is one of my dream destinations :)

Liz said...

That's a great goal to have Jenny! I have a dream list of places I want to see; we'll see if I make it to them all!

I hear ya Ricki!

Oooh, the food in Thailand must be amazing and the Shetland Islands -- I'm not sure where they are. I'll look them up emilia.