Friday, January 4, 2008

Just had to share

So, I'm a pretty athletic woman. I workout quite a bit. I currently play competitive soccer twice a week, played tennis in college and managed to get voted "most athletic" in high school and never before have I been so impressed by one simple exercise.

While preparing some chili and carrot-coconut soup yesterday morning, I was watching a segment on the Today show with wellness expert Jorge Cruise. The title was called "shrinking your waist" which turned me off a bit, but his ideas and the simplicity of the exercise hooked me. I tried this simple sit-up and did ten reps, and now my stomach has been twitching ever since. Most people might find a twitching stomach annoying, but I think it's pretty darn cool because it means that the exercise is working and has exhausted my abdominal muscles and is therefore building more muscle. I'll keep at it daily, and see if I notice a change in the upcoming weeks.

Click on the video segment to see the sit-up:

I'm alsmost tempted to videotape my twitching stomach so you all can see, but that might be a little too much information.

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