Tuesday, January 6, 2009

7 Randoms

My sister of a k8, a cat, a mission fame recently tagged me to do a "7 Random Things" meme and I'm currently procrastinating, so here it goes:

1. Throughout the years I have been diagnosed with a long list of ailments: scoliosis, asthma, raynauds disease, a heart murmur, a short eustachian tube, a hyperactive thyroid and borderline high blood pressure.

Luckily, my scoliosis doesn't really bother me anymore (I was diagnosed with it in junior high). My lung capacity isn't great, but my asthma (diagnosed as a child) has pretty much gone away. The raynauds disease is basically just a nuisance. The heart murmur was only discovered three years ago during an annual physical and (hopefully) has no serious repercussions. My short eustachian tube makes flying painful and annoying and caused me to perforate my eardrum when scuba diving (I could get surgery for it, but I don't miss scuba diving that much). My hyperactive thyroid was discovered by a GI doctor a few years ago, but was never treated (it's not terribly overactive, just slightly) and my blood pressure hasn't been checked since cutting coffee out of my diet three weeks ago, so hopefully that made a difference.

Medically, I'm just strange. But I count my lucky stars that all of these ailments are easily lived with.

2. I'm the runt of my family at 5'5 1/2. My sister is 5'8. My mother is 5'8. And my father is 6'0.

3. My wedding is exactly five months away today. I've already had nightmares regarding the ceremony and forgetting my vows. I'm worried about it raining (it's supposed to be outside) and I haven't even sent the save-the-dates out yet. But! I know how lucky I am to be marrying the love of my life; if there's a hurricane, if I completely flub up my vows, if the save the dates get lost in the mail, it won't really matter as long as we're standing there together, saying "I do."

4. I get really pissy if a few days pass and I haven't worked out.

5. Henry and I went for a walk today that was only supposed to be 45 minutes. It ended up being 1 1/2 hours long because I forgot my keys, got locked out of my place, and my mother had to drive from 15 miles away to open up the place with her extra set of keys (reminder: my parents are saints).

6. My sister is acting as the celebrant (ie she's marrying the A-man and I) at the wedding. Massachusetts has a great law that let's individuals get one day liscenses to marry people. I did the same for her wedding.

7. I own close to fifty sweaters. I think it's time to donate some.

I tag everyone that reads this, and especially my favorite twenty-something, female, gluten-free bloggers: Jenny of Sugar and Spice and My Gluten Free Life, Ali of Sorry I Can't Eat That, Marlow of Gluten Hates Me But I'm Surviving, and Jill Elise of Hey! That Tastes Good.


jill elise said...

Ooh, good, I feel sooo much better. I haven't sent out my save the dates yet either, and my wedding is 6 months FROM TODAY! And we don't know who's marrying us either, I keep waiting for us to have some epiphany about who we should have do it (I love massachusetts, and their 'you can be married by anyone' law). Ugh I'm so behind!

Ricki said...

Love the randomness! I have the same eustachian tube problme--flying can be painful, but usually worth it ;) And cool about the wedding date--and the idea that your sister can marry you! I think my Boston cousins didn't know about that law, or they'd have taken advantage, too.

Marlow said...

I love the randomness! I often feel like a medical marvel, but I'll save that for my Random 7.

And I can't believe I got a shot out on your blog! I love the Good Eatah!r

Jenny said...

as I was nearing the end of this post, I all of a sudden realized and sure enough my suspicions confirmed.. that I'd be tagged to do this next. I'll do it tomorrow when I'm (not) working :)

Sally said...

I have Raynaud's too. In fact, right now one hand is blue and one is red. My coworkers find it creepy and think I'll have to get my hands amputated. MayoClinic left out hand amputation as a treatment method! :)
Good answers!