Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wedding Musings

In case anyone's curious, this is a quick snapshot of part of the grounds where the wedding will be. It's an estate on 90 acres of land with sheep and llama and lots of natural beauty.

The wedding is now under five months away and it has me thinking:

I'm trying not to be one of those brides. You know the kind: obsessing over whether the tablecloths will clash with the color of grass that time of year, the kind who goes on extreme diets so that she looks emaciated on her wedding day, or the kind that freaks out that her bridesmaids have tattoos. Thankfully, I could really care less about those sorts of details. The goal for the A-man and I on our wedding day is to profess our love to one another in front of the people that mean most to us in the world, and for our guests to have a whole lot of fun.

However, I am a bit neurotic about one thing: I have a deep desire to feel at my best on my wedding day(and really, what bride doesn't?); the keyword there is feel. Sure I want to look good too, but I believe they go hand in hand: if you feel good, you will look good.

Here's my goal: I want to be in the state of mind to fully enjoy the day, to jump-out-of-bed feeling energetic yet calm, muscles feeling tight but not sore, totally aware, not feeling hungry and not feeling full, skin hydrated, with my heart beating at a calm rhythm. In order to achieve this goal I know my life has to be in perfect balance. It's a balance that I would like to achieve daily, but if I can do it for a few months before the wedding, it's a good start.

1. I have to be eating right, which in my case, along with being gluten and casein free, also means no sugar, very little caffeine and eating loads of vegetables. I'm attempting to figure out if carbs are the best thing for me too.

2. I have to be physically well and in an attempt to be that way I will try to keep up on taking my vitamins daily and staying away from alochol which I know knocks my immune system down a bit.

3. I want to be in the best shape I've ever been in. Not the skinniest, but the most fit. I have fond memories of the way my body felt when I was deep in college tennis season: running and playing tennis for at least three hours a day. I don't have time for such things now, but I will outline my exercise plan come February (meanwhile, I've been chronicling my workouts on the sidebar of this blog)

4. Stress has to be at a minimum. This will be difficult to achieve due to the stress involved in planning such an event, but relying on family and friends to help out and dealing with my stress through yoga, deep breathing and venting to friends will help. Massage is only something I've received a few times, but surely makes a difference for me. Accupuncture is also something I'm interested in.

Anyone out there with stress-free suggestions? Tips on feeling good? Exercises they love? I'm all ears.


Ricki said...

I think you've got a great attitude! Wish I'd thought that way before my own wedding ;)

When I'm able to do it on a regular basis, I find that meditation is GREAT for stress reduction. Nothing fancy; just deep breathing and focusing on the breath, along with progressive muscle relaxation. Even 10 minutes a day works well. Also, I find reflexology (sort of like foot massage) to be very relaxing--and they can hit pressure points on the feet that correspond to other areas of the body to reduce stress.

I know you'll make a beautiful AND healthy bride!

Jenny said...

Sounds like the same list of things I want to focus on and I'm not even getting married! Well you can vent to me anytime and I'm going to try to be working out a lot more too, so we can motivate each other.

Jane said...

I think you have a great list. I wanted to chime in that accupuncture is wonderful and I think it can even help with the glutton issues too? Not sure exactly but I do accupuncture for hormone imbalance and it's so relaxing once you get used to it (the first time I was freaked, now I just go and NAP while the needles are in).
Also, do you do yoga? I think adding yoga if you don't already would be a great addition.
Good luck!!! You will be the perfect bride.

Kate said...

Here are a few things known to downregulate the stress axis:
-meditation (I'm with you Ricki!)
-crying, laughing, shaking, sweating
-moderate exercise (too much exercise and you actually cause more stress)
-enough sleep

I don't know if there is data out there yet, but I would expect yoga to work as well.

Allie said...

Hey.. I totally feel the same way! My wedding is 7 months from yesterday and I want to get into a pattern of feeling good at least 1-2 months prior.

Lately I have felt like an emotional wreck & easily cry at anything, and i'm HOPING I get over that before the wedding. I don't want to be hysterical the whole day.

I think the above solutions sound like great ideas!

Liz said...

Such great comments eveyone. I greatly appreciate it. Once I get back into the swing of things I'll start blogging about my health and well-being progress.

And I think I will be starting yoga classes soon!